Yorkshire monochrome Yorkshire Monochrome Group

 “The Coasts of Northern England”

The exhibition will not be available to view at Wath after the 27th of March. It should be in Brighouse

                                                mid-April                                         Details at our next meeting.

  Apr 12th

  YMG Exhibition Chosen Prints      

                                                                             DAVE TURNER

                                                                            Flamborough Protector

JOHN BARTON                                              ALFRED HOOLE

Skinninggrove                                                  Saltburn Pier

North Pier Blackpool                                      Wrecks,Fleetwood Marsh 1

Ice, Morecambe  Bay                                      Wrecks, Fleetwood Marsh 2

JEAN BRUMBY                                                 PETER MUDD

Sunrise at Cleethorpes                                    Maritime Museum Liverpool

KEN BRUMBY                                                   Albert Dock Liverpool

Flamborough Lighthouse                                Museum of Liverpool

STEPHEN DEAN                                               BARRY ODDIE

Spurn Point                                                       Blow Up at Thornwick Bay

A Cleethorpes View                                          Greatham Creek

Summer at Cleethorpes                                   Sandsend Beach

TONY ELLIOT                                                    Looking at You

Sandcastle at Scarborough                             Walk on The Beach Seaton Carew

Seal                                                                    A Helping Hand

Ice Cream                                                         Tradition Coming Into Port

Bucket And Spades                                         Man With Seagull on His Head

Fishermen’s Huts Lindersfarne                      A Good Laugh and Ice Cream

SEAN FRANCIS                                               Walking the Dog

Steadfast and Stalwart                                    HELEN SMITH

Redundant  Boats                                            North Landing Flamborough

North Pier                                                         RODNEY SMITH

The Conversation                                           St. Mary’s Lighthouse,Whitley Bay

ANN SNELSON                                                 ROBERT VISICK

Scarborough Sculpture                                   Hallowe’en Whitby

On Top Of The Wave                                        Steam Punk Whitby

COLIN SNELSON                                              Bamburgh Castle

Enjoying the Surf Scarboro’                            Winter Afternoon Staithes

Sand Fighter Scarboro’                                   Sentinel  Pile

On Top Of The World Blackpool                     Staithes 1955

Unseasonal Attire Blackpool                          Lindisfarne Castle

Comedy Carpet from the Tower                      Whitby Piers  

GERRY SWEETMAN                                         LARRY WALKER

Whitby Steps                                                     Appropriately Dressed

Evening Stroll                                                   Day Out New Brighton

Arnside Evening                                                Shooting Dad


Black Nab


Exhibition 2015

  The list of prints being displayed is shown in full on this page.


I have no files of these images {or of the rejected prints} except those Ann and I entered.

Any I receive, rejected or chosen, will be highlighted on the website at  sometime during the year. They will be part of the exhibition collection for the whole of 2015