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  Mar 8th

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The New Exhibition.  

 There will probably be over a hundred images to choose from this year with such a choice subject.  I can’t photograph and copy all the images.  It’s ‘a job too far’!

If you want your entry on the website you will have to give me a copy of them on a pendrive or disc. Or bring the copy to a meeting or send it by post. (Or by email which might be simpler.  Use an email address on the ‘contacts’ page of this website.)

 I’ll return pendrives but not  discs.

 It would be nice to have a complete exhibition on the website, chosen and not chosen as usual, but it depends on you.

Images can be any reasonable size, jpeg or tif.  I’ll deal with them.

   Steve Gledhill


A talk entitled

“65,536 Shades of Grey”

An explanation of his title Here.

2015 Exhibition is complete and the choice of acceptances made.  List of prints as soon as available.